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  • Supervisors - Railway Transport Operations

    Supervise and co-ordinate the activities of railway and yard locomotive engineers, railway yard workers and railway labourers.

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  • Supervisors - Textile, Fabric, Fur and Leather Products Processing and Manufacturing

    Supervise and co-ordinate the activities of workers engaged in processing fibre into yarn or thread; weaving, knitting or fabricating textile products; bleaching, dyeing and finishing textile products; and inspecting textile products.

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  • Supervisors for Petroleum, Gas, Chemical Processing and Utilities

    Supervise and co-ordinate the activities of workers in the following unit groups: Petroleum, Gas and Chemical Process Operators, Chemical Plant Machine Operators, Labourers in Chemical Products Processing and Utilities, Water and Waste Plant Operators, Stationary Engineers and Auxiliary Equipment Operators and Power Systems and Power Station Operators

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  • Support Occupations in Accommodation, Travel and Facilities Set-Up Services

    Carry hotel guests' luggage and escort guests to their rooms, carry travellers' luggage at airports, in railway stations and aboard ships, and clean and maintain public areas and passengers' rooms aboard ships and trains.

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  • Support Occupations in Motion Pictures, Broadcasting, Photography and the Performing Arts

    Perform support duties related to broadcasting and to the production of motion pictures and the performing arts.

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  • Survey Interviewer and Statistical Clerks

    Contact individuals or businesses by telephone or in person to gather information for market research, public opinion polls, or census. Ask questions and record responses onto computer assisted interviewing systems.

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  • Tailors, Dressmakers, Furriers, and Milliners

    Tailors, dressmakers and furriers make, alter and repair tailored clothing, dresses, coats and other made-to-measure garments. Milliners make, alter and repair hats. This unit group also includes alterationists who fit, alter and repair garments.

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  • Taxi / Limousine Driver

    Pick up passengers and drive them to their destinations. Assist passengers with luggage and in boarding vehicle. Collect and record fares from customers. Maintain contact with dispatch unit.

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  • Taxi and Limousine Drivers and Chauffeurs

    Taxi and limousine drivers drive automobiles and limousines to transport passengers. Chauffeurs drive automobiles and limousines to transport personnel and visitors of businesses, government or other organizations or members of private households.

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  • Technical Occupations Related to Museums and Art Galleries

    Classify and catalogue museum and gallery artifacts, construct and install exhibits and displays, restore, maintain and store museum and gallery collections, frame artwork, and perform other functions in support of curatorial and conservation activities.

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  • Technical Sales Specialist

    Promote a particular line of goods or services to existing and potential clients. Assess clients’ needs and resources. Develop reports and proposals as part of sales presentation. Prepare and administer sales contracts.

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  • Telecommunication Carriers Managers

    Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the operations of a telecommunications establishment, department or facility.

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  • Telecommunications Installation and Repair Workers

    Install and repair equipment such as cellular phones, telephone lines and switchboards, computerized data transmission systems and facsimile transmission equipment (FAX).

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  • Telecommunications Line and Cable Workers

    Install, repair and maintain telecommunication lines and cables.

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  • Testers and Graders - Food and Beverage and Associated Products Processing

    Test or grade ingredients and finished food or beverage products to ensure conformance to company standards.

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