Religious Institutions

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Where faith and education shine together.

If you want to expand your faith and discover what you can achieve with it, look no further! Manitoba’s Religious Institutions are just a click away.

Religious Institutions

  • Booth University College

    In Winnipeg, this Christian School keeps you engaged. Offering a liberal arts education, it's also affiliated with the Salvation Army.

    Booth offers a range of academic programs in literature, philosophy, history, religion, the fine arts, and social and physical sciences. Booth University College provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to make a difference in their community by blending of rigorous academic study, Christian faith, exciting co-curricular opportunities, and service in the community. Booth's approach to learning is anchored in academic excellence and based on a vision of social justice. With this foundation in place, students are prepared to pursue knowledge in their chosen field of expertise with exposure to the broad range of human knowledge.  

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  • Canadian Mennonite University

    Explore your faith while working towards a three or four-year degree. This Christian university is located right in Winnipeg.

    Canadian Mennonite University offers both undergraduate and graduate programs in a range of fields, including: arts, business, humanities, theology, music, sciences, social sciences, communications, intercultural studies, peacebuilding and collaborative development. CMU is an innovative Christian university rooted in the Anabaptist tradition and embodies a unique approach to learning through the reconciliation of academic work with social, personal, theological, interpersonal, artistic, physical, and environmental dimensions. A practicum (a supervised, for credit work experience) is a component of all of the University’s programs, as is a commitment to educating for peace and justice.

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  • Providence University College and Seminary

    This Christian university supports your growth as you prepare to serve Christ in this changing world. It’s located in Otterburne.

    Providence University College offers programs in business administration, communications and media, English literature, history, performing arts, humanities, theology, athletics, and aviation. All of Providence University’s undergraduate and graduate programs are integrated with the evangelical tradition, which facilitates knowledge while building character for leadership and service to the community at home and abroad. Providence is the largest, self-standing Christian educational institution in Manitoba.

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  • Steinbach Bible College

    Take your faith to new heights. Discover and develop your potential for ministry in the church and society right in Steinbach.

    Steinbach Bible College offers courses in English, fine arts, humanities, math sciences, social sciences, theology and bible studies. SBC is an evangelical Anabaptist college that empowers students to follow and serve the church while engaging the world. All courses are taught from an evangelical Anabaptist perspective with hands-on mission experience being central to all of SBC's academic programs. Each semester students step out into various ministries in the local community to serve through SBC’s Field Education program to deepen student understanding of what they are learning in the classroom.

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