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  • Fire Chiefs and Senior Firefighting Officers

    Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate firefighting operations and fire prevention activities in fire departments

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  • Firefighter

    Respond to fire alarms and calls for assistance. Rescue victims from burning buildings and accident sites including hazardous waste spills. Give first aid. Inform and educate the public on fire prevention. May be a volunteer worker in rural areas.

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  • Fisherman / Woman

    Operate fishing vessel to catch fish. Select area for fishing, plot courses. Steer vessel and operate navigational instruments. Operate fishing gear. Keep records. May transport fish to processing plants or fish buyers.

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  • Floorcovering Installer

    Install carpet, hardwood, linoleum, vinyl and other floor coverings in buildings with glue, staples or nails. Measure and cut materials.

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  • Food and Beverage Servers

    Take orders and serve food and beverages. May arrange tables. May greet customers. Present bill. May take payment.

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  • Food Counter Attendants, Kitchen Helpers and Related Support Occupations

    Counter attendants and food preparers prepare, heat and finish cooking simple food items and serve customers at food counters. Kitchen helpers, food service helpers and dishwashers clear tables, clean kitchen areas, wash dishes, and perform various other activities to assist workers who prepare or serve food and beverages.

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  • Food Service Supervisors

    Supervise, direct and co-ordinate the activities of workers who prepare, portion and serve food.

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  • Forestry / Silviculture Workers

    Assess sites, select seedlings and plant trees. Control weeds and undergrowth using manual tools and chemicals. Use power saw to thin and space trees. Operate skidder, bulldozer or other equipment to move a variety of site preparation equipment. Assist in fighting forest fires.

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  • Forestry Professionals

    Conduct research, develop plans and administer and direct programs related to the management and harvesting of forest resources.

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  • Forestry Technician

    Maintain boundary lines and mark timber for removal. Control wildfires, insects, and pests. Supervise tree plantings and monitor quality of trees. Implement water and soil erosion control. Perform tests and analyze results for soil, tree health and quality, and diseases.

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  • Forklift Operator / Material Handler

    Drive industrial trucks equipped with various attachments to move materials to and from storage areas and to place materials in designated locations. Move materials by hand.

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  • Foundry Workers

    Make foundry moulds and cores by hand or machine, cast molten metal, and operate furnaces in the foundry industry.

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  • Furniture Assembler

    Operate hand and power tools to assemble furniture and fixtures made of wood, metal, cane, plastic and other materials.

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  • Furniture Finishers and Refinishers

    Finish new wood or metal furniture to specified colour and finish.

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  • Gas Turbine Repair and Overhaul Technician

    Repairs, rebuilds, balances, tests, troubleshoots and inspects gas turbine engines.

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