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  • Early Childhood Educator and Assistant

    Plan, organize, teach and lead children in activities, such as indoor and outdoor games, crafts, singing, music sessions and story times. Assist children with eating, dressing and toilet habits.

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  • Economists and Economic Policy Researchers and Analysts

    Conduct research, monitor data, analyze information and prepare reports and plans to resolve economic and business problems and develop models to analyze, explain and forecast economic behaviour and patterns advise on matters such as finance, fiscal and monetary policy, international trade, agricultural and natural resource commodities and labour and industrial markets.

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  • Editors

    Review, evaluate and edit manuscripts, articles, news reports and other material for publication, broadcast or interactive media and co-ordinate the activities of writers, journalists and other staff

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  • Educational Counsellor

    Provide students and adults with assistance and guidance regarding personal needs or educational and career planning.

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  • Electrical and Electronic Engineer

    Design, build and repair systems that generate, control or use electricity. May specialize in computer hardware and software design, electric power systems, telephone, communication, sound systems.

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  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technologist

    Design, develop and test industrial process control systems, telecommunications, broadcast, recording and audiovisual systems, microelectronic systems and circuits, computer systems and networks, computer software.

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  • Electrologist

    Perform pre-epilation (pre-hair removal) treatments, electrolysis using galvanic and/or short-wave currents, and post-epilation (post-hair removal) treatments to remove unwanted hair for clients.

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  • Electronic Assembler / Fabricator

    Assemble and fabricate electronic equipment, parts and components. Operate automatic and semiautomatic machines to position and solder the parts to circuit boards. May also assemble microcircuits requiring the use of microscopes and fine hand assembly.

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  • Electronic Technician / Repairer

    Repair and install a variety of electronic equipment such as computer equipment, radios and electronic components of various products found in offices, homes and factories.

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  • Elementary and Secondary School Teacher Assistants

    Elementary and secondary school teacher assistants support students, and assist teachers and counsellors with teaching and non-instructional tasks. They assist in areas of personal care, teaching and behaviour management under the supervision of teachers or other child care professionals.

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  • Elementary School and Kindergarten Teacher

    Prepare teaching material on a wide range of subjects and present it to students in Kindergarten to Grade 8. May concentrate on areas such as mathematics, language or music.

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  • Emergency Medical Technician / Paramedic

    Provide emergency medical care to sick or injured persons being transported to hospitals or other medical facilities. Administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and oxygen. Apply bandages and splints. May care for patients during air ambulance flights.

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  • Employment Counsellor

    Counsel and provide information to workers and unemployed clients on all aspects of employment search and career planning. Advise employers on human resource and other employment issues. Collect labour market information for clients regarding job openings and skill requirements.

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  • Employment Insurance, Immigration, Border Services and Revenue Officers

    Government officers who administer and enforce laws and regulations related to immigration, employment insurance, customs and tax revenue.

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  • Engineering Inspectors and Regulatory Officers

    Inspect transportation vehicles such as aircraft, watercraft, automobiles and trucks and weighing and measuring devices such as scales and meters as well as industrial instruments, processes and equipment for conformity to government and industry standards and regulations.

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