Aircraft Instrument, Electrical and Avionics Mechanics, Technicians and Inspectors

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This group includes mechanics and technicians who install, adjust, repair and overhaul aircraft instrument, electrical or avionics systems on aircraft. This group also includes avionics inspectors who inspect instrument, electrical and avionics systems following assembly, modification, repair or overhaul. 




Low: $23.71
Median: $35.36
High: $45.91


  • Four years of on-the-job or company apprenticeship training is required for all mechanics and technicians in this group.

  • Avionics inspectors require completion of a two- to three-year college program in avionics or electronics

  • Three to five years of experience as an avionics mechanic or technician.

  • Avionics inspectors, mechanics and technicians who sign maintenance releases and certify airworthiness require an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer's (AME) licence (category E – avionics) issued by Transport Canada.

  • Industry certification is available from the Canadian Council for Aviation & Aerospace (CCAA) for some occupations in this unit group.

Places of Employment

Aircraft manufacturing, maintenance, repair and overhaul establishments, and airlines and other aircraft operators.