Manitoba Job Market

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Curious about what it’s like in the working world? We can show you where the work is, what it pays and what the job scene looks like.

  • Manitoba Economic Indicators

    Want a heads-up on how the economy will look when you’re done school? We can help you with that. Let’s prepare for your future!

    Manitoba Economic Indicators
  • Manitoba Labour Market Forecast

    Make sure the career you’re aiming for will be in demand when you graduate. See what kind of workers Manitoba needs in the future.

    Manitoba Labour Market Forecast
  • Discover Careers

    Want to know what you can do right here at home? Don’t spend hours searching online. We’ve got the resource you need.

    Discover Careers
  • Finding Work

    Searching all of Manitoba for a career only takes one stop. Browse all major job boards from here. One site to rule them all!

    Finding Work