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  • Air Transport Ramp Attendant

    Drive and operate vehicles such as food service trucks, aircraft towing tractors and lavatory service trucks at airports. Handle baggage, load and unload freight and perform other ground support duties.

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  • Aircraft Assembler

    Aircraft assemblers assemble, fit and install prefabricated parts to manufacture fixed wing or rotary wing aircraft or aircraft subassemblies. Aircraft assembly inspectors inspect aircraft assemblies for adherence to engineering specifications.

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  • Aircraft Instrument, Electrical and Avionics Mechanics, Technicians and Inspectors

    This group includes mechanics and technicians who install, adjust, repair and overhaul aircraft instrument, electrical or avionics systems on aircraft. This group also includes avionics inspectors who inspect instrument, electrical and avionics systems following assembly, modification, repair or overhaul.

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  • Aircraft Maintenance Journeyperson

    Service, repair and overhaul aircraft engines, airframe and accessories of small or large airplanes.

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  • Aircraft Pilot

    Fly airplanes to transport passengers, mail and freight. May navigate with aid of charts and maps. In small aircraft, assist passengers and help load parcels and luggage.

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  • Airline Ticket and Service Agent

    Make reservations, sell tickets for travel and arrange for shipping of parcels. Provide rates and schedule information.

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  • Animal Health Technologists and Veterinary Technicians

    Provide technical support to veterinarians by caring for animals and assisting in the diagnosis and treatment of animal health disorders.

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  • Announcer / Broadcaster

    Introduce programs and music. Interview guests. Read the news, weather, traffic conditions, commercials and other announcements for radio, television and at special events. May specialize in broadcasting sports, weather reports, film reviews.

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  • Architect

    Design buildings. Develop plans, specifications and detailed drawings. Inspect construction to ensure plans are followed.

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  • Architectural Technologists and Technicians

    May work independently or provide technical assistance to professional architects and civil design engineers in conducting research, preparing drawings, architectural models, specifications and contracts and in supervising construction projects.

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  • Architecture and Science Managers

    Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the activities of an architecture, landscape architecture, scientific or statistical department, service or firm.

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  • Archivists

    Manage, process, store and disseminate information contained in an organization's archives. They acquire, store and research textual material, pictures, maps, architectural documents, electronic materials, films and videos, sound recordings and multimedia materials.

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  • Artisans and Craftpersons

    Use manual and artistic skills to design and make ornamental objects, pottery, stained glass, jewellery, rugs, blankets, other handicrafts and artistic floral arrangements

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  • Assessors, Valuators and Appraisers

    Determine the value of land, businesses, estates and other real property, for purposes of sale, purchase, taxation or disposal of assets. Appraisers also determine the value of personal and household items.

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  • Athletes

    Participate in competitive sports events on an amateur or professional basis. They play team sports such as hockey, baseball, football and lacrosse, or compete in individual sports such as skiing, figure skating, boxing or track and field.

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